Working Style Assessment (WSA): Instrument Adjustment for the Thai Context.


รศ.ดร.นันทา สู้รักษา, รศ.ดร.อรนุช พฤฒิพิบูลธรรม


The 2016 AHRD International Research Conference in Asia and MENA


This research aimed at assessing the cross-cultural reliability and validation of the Thai version of the Working Style Assessment (WSA). The original scales were translated into the Thai language and back translated and approved by PAR (Psychological Assessment Resources), Inc. Questionnaires were collected from 896 Thai participants (388 males and 508 females) who were employed in the workforce aged between 18 and 60 years. The Thai version has acceptable reliability and validity. Analysis of invariances and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) revealed that the US original and the Thai WSA model forms were “partially invariant”. To broaden the knowledge, the approach used in this study could be adopted as guidelines for developing a WSA in countries where localized versions are unavailable.

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