Theoretical Reviews and Propositions for Explaining Resilient Organizations


รศ.ดร.สมบัติ กุสุมาวลี, นายชญานุตม์ พึงเจริญพงศ์




The objective of this article was to provide a comprehensive review for explaining resilient organizations. In this regard, theories, conceptual papers, and research articles related to the concept of resilient organizations, organizational crisis, and organizational survivability and adjustment despite adversity and challenges were reviewed. This review contributes to the development of resilience in organizations and will help organizations to demonstrate successful outcomes regarding adjustability despite a crisis. Seven propositions are presented in order to explain resilient organizations. It is the authors’ opinion that the research on resilient organizations can move forward based on this comprehensive review.

(2564). Theoretical Reviews and Propositions for Explaining Resilient Organizations. วารสารธุรกิจปริทัศน์, 13(1), 260-273.