The Success behind the World’s Best Airport: The Rise of the Changi


ผศ.ดร.รักษ์พงศ์ วงศาโรจน์, นายThanavudth Chutiphongdech


Asia Social Issues


Singapore Changi International Airport was announced to receive the World’s Best Airport regarding Skytrax. It is the 8th consecutive year for the airport to win these renowned awards. This paper aims to investigate the overall business operations to track accomplishment in airport development. Examining the lessons learned using the descriptive analysis under the Business Model Canvas (BMC) framework, the results reveal that Singapore Changi International Airport is now developed as a destination. This concept affects customers’ segmentation, which links to different value propositions deriving from utilizing key resources and synergy among strategic partnerships. The practical contributions deriving from the lessons learned are presented.

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