The protection of right on health and quality of life for aged people in Thailand


อ.ดร.ฌานิทธิ์ สันตะพันธุ์


Proceedings of Academics World International Conference, Cannes, France, 13th – 14th March, 2020


This article is part of research paper “Policy or Measure Suggestion to Protect and Promote the Right of Thai Older Persons: The Case of Discrimination on Age” presented to Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand. The author focus on dimension of protection of right on health and quality of life for older person in Thailand. There are problems in health and quality of life protection of aged people such asthe laws concerning the rights of older persons to health support are not specifically addressed to the older persons, the unequal and limited access to the health services by the older persons, the problemof health insurance system,the problem of health care data base connection, the problem of discrimination on age when access to the health service, lack of legal criteria for the long-term care system, lack of criteria and mechanisms to regulate the practice standards of the long-term care institutions, lack of measures to promote families to taking care of the older persons in long-term. So we have some suggestion for solve the problem such as regulations under the National Older Persons Act and also a long-term care lawshould be amended.

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