The Influences of Corporate’s Message Appeal and Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) on Consumer Response


รศ.ดร.บุญชัย หงส์จารุ


วารสารบริหารธุรกิจ นิด้า


Companies attract their consumer’s attention and influence them to make a purchase by
different message appeals in their marketing communications campaigns while consumer receive an
increasing amount of information from other customers through electronic word of mouth (eWOM).
Although there are many studies on both factors separately, none has investigated the interaction
between corporate’s message appeal and customer’s eWOM which we often find in daily life.
Their effects and interaction should have an impact on customer’s attitudes and purchase
intention. An experiment of 2 corporate message appeals X 4 eWOM messages reveals both
message appeals and eWOM significantly affect attitudes toward the messages and the brand but
without any interactions of both factors. Purchase intention has completely different results with
no main effects but a significant interaction. Discussion and implications on the findings will be

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