The Factors Enhancing Work Passion of Family Successors in the Life Insurance Business in Thailand: An Appreciative Inquiry Approach


รศ.ดร.วาสิตา บุญสาธร, นายปริวัตร ศิระเกียรติสกุล


International Journal of Human Resource Studies


The purpose of this study was 1) to understand the successors’ attitude toward working in the insurance business with family members, and 2) to explore the factors that enhance work passion of successors in working collaboratively with their family members in the life insurance business. This study employed qualitative methodology with the use of the appreciative inquiry (4D-Dialogue) approach. Using triangulation of data sources, 36 key informants were recruited, 18 were successors that work with their parents, and 18 were parents of these successors. All of the participants worked together in one life insurance company in Thailand. Data were collected using focus group semi-structured interviews. Content analysis with analytic induction was used as the analytical tool. Trustworthiness was built through data triangulation, member checking, and peer debriefing. The results indicated that, for the first objective, the successors’ attitude toward working in the insurance business with their family consisted of four attitudes- 1.1) against; 1.2) unwilling; 1.3) willing, but lost; and 1.4) willing and successful. Regarding the second objective, five factors were found- 2.1) Goals- support of personal goals, help with self-development, enhancing the family happiness, and showing gratitude for family kindness; 2.2) Content- work aligned with expertise or educational background, and work being meaningful; 2.3) Coaching- appropriate coaching strategy, systematic professional coaching strategy, fairness, sharing pride in success; 2.4) Family- encouragement without pressure and caring; and 2.5) Organization- organization’s image, favorable work environment, and experience of positive outcomes from the life insurance business. Then, for the Design phrase, the action plan “FAMILY,” which comprised of F-Finale with Family; A-Attitude and Ability through Activities; M-Motivating Appropriately; I-Ideal People/Team; L-Leading through Vision/Leading through Coaching; and Y-Yes Club of the future, was offered. To summarize, a 4D-Dialogue for the appreciative inquiry was proposed.

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