The Evaluation of the Outcome and Impact of the Study on the Effectiveness of Traffic Law Enforcement


ผศ.ดร.ทองใหญ่ อัยยะวรากูล, นางศรีสมบัติ โชคประจักษ์ชัด, นางนิตยา สำเร็จผล, นางวรรณพร เตชะไกศิยวณิช


วารสารศรีปทุมปริทัศน ฉบับมนุษยศาสตรและสังคมศาสตร


Thailand’s alarming rate of road accidents and fatalities has been a serious cause of concern for public health and safety. These problems can pose challenges socially and economically for the country in achieving sustainable development goals. In this respect, in 2014, the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) launched a series of researches under the theme “traffic law enforcement” providing research grants for practitioners, researchers and scholars to come up with projects related to the enhancement of the traffic law enforcement, as part of a response to tackle the issues of traffic law violations that have contributed to a high rate of road traffic deaths and injuries. The primary objectives of the study are to assist the TRF in the evaluation of the outcome and impact brought by the research series, to indicate the success of the grant provided by the TRF, and to make recommendations for guiding the sponsorship for future researches in the furtherance of the TRF’s mission goals. The study undertook both qualitative and quantitative analyses in assessing the research on the Effectiveness of Traffic Law Enforcement according to five different criteria, namely, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability. The study found that the unit of analysis had met the first four criteria, while satisfying the criterion of sustainability had been found challenging due to factors such as time constraint, budget, and researchers’ expectation.

(2563). The Evaluation of the Outcome and Impact of the Study on the Effectiveness of Traffic Law Enforcement. วารสารศรีปทุมปริทัศน ฉบับมนุษยศาสตรและสังคมศาสตร, 2563(20), 105-117.