The Determinants to Foster Innovation Performance from a Sustainable Development Perspective


นายGopi Krishna PV, ศ.ดร.ทิพวรรณ หล่อสุวรรณรัตน์


Thai Journal of Public Administration


The benefits of sustainability-driven innovation and its impacts on performance under the three dimensions of economic, social, and environmental performance have often not been adequately captured. This article acknowledges this gap and presents a conceptual framework that helps identify the determinants to foster innovation performance, and explains the relationship with sustainability practices through the exploitation of existing competencies, and exploration of new opportunities from a sustainable development perspective. This was assessed based on their eventual impact on innovation performance, with the theoretical underpinnings of the dynamic capabilities theory. This approach could be beneficial for both the private and the public sectors towards taking a holistic view to realize the goals of sustainable development.

(2562). Roles of HRD in Environment Conservation Attitude Development: A Preliminary Study of Thai SCUBA Divers. Journal of Sports Science and Health, 20(3), 83-95.