The Awareness on Green ICT among Thai Employees: A Factor Analysis


รศ.ดร.นิธินันท์ ธรรมากรนนท์, น.ส.Kultida Malison


Proceedings of 2018 International Conference on Information Management and Processing (ICIMP2018)


Over few decades, people use ICT as a part of life because it makes their lives more comfortable. Yet, it cannot be denied that ICT is a main factor to deteriorate environment. However, the more we use them, the more wastes we generate. In order to help reducing wasted from ICT, the term `Green ICT’ consequently use in Thai society. Nowadays Green ICT concerns have been, not only just a trend, one of achieved priorities for the government to reduce carbon emissions and cost savings. If people become aware of this issue, it will be beneficial to environment, society, and our country. Thus, this study was conducted to explore the dimensions of awareness on Green ICT among Thai employees who spend a considerable time to work in business section. They also have been considerable as major population in Thailand. Due to this issue is aware, but still new, it is interesting to know the factors that relate to the green ICT concept in Thailand. The data were collected by using questionnaires. The Principle Component analysis was used to find the significant Green ICT factors related to the Thai people awareness. The results revealed that there were five different aspects of awareness on Green ICT among Thai employees which include 1) Using reusable and recyclable equipment; 2) Using ICT equipment for Green in daily life; 3) Avoiding using wasteful paper; 4) Using saving energy function; and 5) Using ICT devices with inappropriate behaviors. The aspects of awareness probably indicated attitudes and behaviors on using Green ICT among people. This is very crucial in order to understand behaviors of Thai people related to Green ICT and to initiate more active campaigns on Green ICT for Thai employees.