The ANN: An Application of AI for Risk Management


รศ.ดร.เอกชัย นิตยาเกษตรวัฒน์


งานประชุมวิชาการของสถาบัน ประจำปี 2564


This research provides a thorough study on the use of the artificial neural network
(ANN) in financial risk management. The analysis is made on the data from previous
studies and related data. The findings report that the possibility that an ANN would be
able to beat the traditional techniques in risk management is quite high. An ANN could be
used to improve the analysis of bankruptcy, credit risk, liquidity risk, and operating risk for
the enterprises. Risk professionals should realize about the benefit of the artificial
intelligent (AI), rather than try to against this new technology. An ANN study suggests that
the adaptation to the new era of risk management is crucial. Making use of the new tools
would help to improve enterprises’ efficiency and effectiveness.

The ANN: An Application of AI for Risk Management. สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนบริหารศาสตร์ , งานประชุมวิชาการของสถาบัน ประจำปี 2564 (381-395).