Thai women in leadership and management


ผศ.ดร.ดาวิษา ศรีธัญรัตน์, ศ. ดร.Gary N. McLean


Current perspectives on Asian women in leadership


Women in Thailand have been moving toward equality with men. Being in leadership and management positions is one indicator of equality. Despite this, men’s and women’s leadership situations are not the same. Our literature review focused primarily on Thai literature. Mostly, Thai women leadership has been studied in the context of educational institutions, under a post-positivist perspective. Most results focus on individual women leaders’ personal backgrounds, characteristics, and working styles. Family support was found to be an important factor for women to reach leadership positions. On the other hand, responsibility to family expected of women and social assumptions about women’s characteristics are challenges for women leaders. To understand more about women leaders and leadership in Thailand, we encourage more studies on the multi-dimensional contexts of women in leadership in Thailand, as well as studies using different research paradigms.

Leadership development in ThailandLeadership development in emerging market economies, 149-168.