Thai Business Owners’ service Awareness’s Risk Perception, and Usefulness Perception on digital Payment Technology


อ.ดร.ธันยานี โพธิสาร


53rd International Business Research Conference


The objective of this study is to survey Thai business owner’service awareness, risk perception, and usefulness perception on Digital Payment Technology. This shows Thai business owners’ awareness and attitudes toward risk and usefulness of digital payment technology which plays a vital role to transform Thailand economy from cash-based society to cashless society. The evidence were collected from 200 of the 1st and 2nd year MBA program studentsat Nation Institute of Development Administration (NIDA Business School), Bangkok, Thailand. The findingssuggest that Thai business owners’ level of awarenessof possible risks on digital payment is slightly low. The Structure Equation Modeling Analysis showsthat perceived riskis found to be significantlyimpact on perceived usefulness of digital payment whileperceived usefulness of digital payment has a positive impact on the intention to use digital payment of …

(2562). ความต้องการในการศึกษาด้านการพัฒนาทรัพยากรมนุษย์ระดับบัณฑิตศึกษาในประเทศไทย . Journal of HR Intelligence, 14(1), 68-87.