South-South Labor Migration and Sustainable Development Implications for Southeast Asian Countries


ดร.พิริยะ ผลพิรุฬห์


Sustainable Development


Even though the majority of labour migration appears to be inter‐regional and takes place between developed and developing countries (north–south migration), labour migration today is, however, becoming more intra‐regional, and occurs more among developing countries (south–south migration). The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) presents a perfect case study to help explain the increasing trend of south–south labour migration. This article aims to explain the relationship between south–south labour migrants in ASEAN and the links to the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals. Results show that migration can have a big impact, both positively and negatively, on each sustainable development goal in the region. As a result, certain policy recommendations for labour migration management for both migrant‐sending countries and migrant‐receiving countries are needed to ensure that the region can achieve its sustainable development goals from this dynamic intra‐regional movement of labour.

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