Social Capital and Public Sector Performance in Thailand


รศ.ดร.พลอย สืบวิเศษ


Bigger Challenges and Governing Capacity


This paper examines the relationship between social capital and public sector performance in Thailand. Findings from an original survey of thirty provinces in Thailand indicate that a social networks, a core component of social capital, tends to increase the effectiveness of public goods particularly when accountability of public sector is weak. Provincial and local authorities do not tend to improve public goods and services a great deal as government resources increase. In Thailand, where the accountability of public sector is often weak, social capital therefore can improve public sector accountability and performance.

Understanding Internet User Profiles: A Case Study of Thailand. Hotel Grand Mercure Bangkok Fortune, 8th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING, SCIENCE, BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT 2017 (ICESBM 2017) (27-29).