Route Map Analysis for Fire Evacuation Planning of the Slum Community in Bangkok


ผศ.ดร.ณพงศ์ นพเกตุ, น.ส.กันยพัชร์ ธนกุลวุฒิโรจน์


TEST Engineering and Management


Fire is a major problem that causes loss of life and property. Fire incidents eventually occur with old community neighborhoods that have landmarks within or around. Small communities and slums in the inner area of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, are risk because they are also historical and cultural sites. Important government agencies of Bangkok are sometime also built in such area. In contrast, most Bangkok slums still lack measures or guidelines for managing the accessibility and fire safety. To prevent fire damage and redundant accidents that may occur after the fire, this research has three objectives including 1) to find the potential of accessibility within the slum area 2) to find the relationship between ‘space syntax model’ and the pedestrian movement rates within the selected area and 3) to plan for the fire-evacuation route to evacuate victims from the area in case of fire incident. The research findings are useful for security planning agencies, fire mitigation agencies, local people and public to help reduce loss of life and property of people in slum communities with similar characters. They help increase public safety. This research concludes that few highlighted streets are suitable for evacuating fire victims particularly by small vehicles. Most of such street segments are the connections between main exit and other buildings. Intelligibility coefficient in space syntax model showed that Devarajkunchorn temple community has hight intelligibility value (R2 =0.73). The results of the analysis are consistent with visual accessibility. The relationship between space syntax model and the pedestrian movement rates within Devarajkunchorn Temple Community shows a stronger relation in terms of ‘visual connectivity’, rather than a strong relation between integration values and walking pattern. It was found that people in the community use short-distance connections to their residences, whereas people from outside travel on main routes that visible from outside. The analysis results are consistent with visual accessibility and relate to the results of depthmap analysis. Finally, recommendations for physical and environmental adaptations are proposed.

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