Roles of HRD in Environment Conservation Attitude Development: A Preliminary Study of Thai SCUBA Divers


ผศ.ดร.ดาวิษา ศรีธัญรัตน์, น.ส.ธวัลพร มะรินทร์


Journal of Sports Science and Health


SCUBA diving community in Thailand has been growing rapidly in the past years. This recreational activity pushes people into a closer relationship with the environment. Additionally, environmental conservation has become an issue in focus of SCUBA diving community. To protect the underwater and marine environment, human resource development concept and process could be helpful. To be SCUBA divers, ones must go through a formal training to ensure proper knowledge, skills and attitude. As a result, Environmental conservation attitude is expected to be developed for all student divers.Purpose This study aimed to study the relations of teaching and content relating to environmental conservation and teaching methods environmental conservation in Thai SCUBA divers’ attitude. With the trust in role of attitude in guiding ones’ behavioral intention. One with positive attitude about environmental conservation would act with care to the environment during diving and in their everyday lifeMethods A quantitative study was conducted with 150 Thai SCUBA divers certified by different agencies. Data were collected using an online survey, circulating through online diving community. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, multiple regression analysis and one-way ANOVA.Results The results revealed the positive relationship between content of the training and teaching approach and the Thai dives environment conservation attitude which could together explain the variability of Thai divers’ overall environmental conservation attitude by 21.2 percent (p < .01).Conclusion The results of this study not only inform the SCUBA diving community about how to develop an attitude of SCUBA divers, but also benefits human resource development field, especially the process of learning and development in recreation and tourism context. (2021). A Learning Model of Environmental Education to Enhance Environmental Ethics Behavior for Undergraduate Students in a University. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, 12(2021), 2538-2543.