Reviewing knowledge-based dynamic capabilities: perspectives through meta-analysis


รศ.ดร.วิพุธ อ่องสกุล, MissSunali Bindra Sunali Bindra , Mr.Saurabh Srivastava Saurabh Srivastava , MissDeepika Sharma Deepika Sharma


Journal for Global Business Advancement


The paper aims to comprehend and corroborate the concept of knowledge-based dynamic capabilities (KBDCs) with respect to its significance in the performance of the firms. The paper aims to: a) analyse the existing literature on KBDCs; b) identify the significant factors that influence KBDCs; c) assess divergence or similarities in the views of researchers for determining the nature of the identified factors. With the help of meta-analysis the significant factors influencing the KBDCs of a firm have been ascertained. In this analysis, 220 empirical studies on the factors related with KBDCs were reviewed. The results of this research identify the essence of the variables influencing the KBDC of the firm. The paper contributes to the literature by exploring the significant gap and providing a framework that will establish the significance of KBDC towards superior performance of the firm.

(2563). Reviewing knowledge-based dynamic capabilities: perspectives through meta-analysis. Journal for Global Business Advancement, 00(3), 273-295.