Research on The Influent Factors of Relationship Performance by an Intrinsic Incentive Growth Model for Chinese Universities’ Teachers


อ.ดร.Zhongwu Li, น.ส.Danna Hao


Psychology and Education


The teachers of Chinese Universities, as a special group, how to improve their relationship performance through effective incentives is a problem for these universities. By establishing a structural equation model (SEM) of teacher’s intrinsic incentive growth model to analyze the influent factors and dimensions of Chinese Universities’ teachers on the relationship performance is the aim of current research. Through the research, the results shown that work achievement and personal value in intrinsic incentive growth have positive influences on the peripheral relationship dimension under relationship performance, also, the personal value factor in intrinsic incentive growth has a positive impact on the organizational contribution dimension under relationship performance.

(2564). Effects of transformational leadership on tacit knowledge sharing: Mediating roles of transactive memory system and turnover intention. Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences, 24(S1), 1-12.