Promoting Gender Reassignment Surgical Service in Thailand among International Transgenders


อ.ดร.วิเชียร ลัทธิพงศ์พันธ์, น.ส.ปุณฑริกา รวิกุล


IAFOR Journal of Media, Communication & Flim


Undergoing gender reassignment surgery in Thailand is a significant decision for individuals within the transgender community internationally. The objective of this research is to examine the key communication factors that influence the decision-making process of international transgender persons wishing to undergo gender reassignment surgery in Thailand. This investigation employed both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Data was collected from the distribution of 530 close-ended questionnaires and 20 in-depth interviews. The study found that there are several advantages to undergoing surgery in Thailand: 1) Thailand is highly regarded for its expert surgeons as well as modern medical equipment and instruments, 2) the cost for the surgery in Thailand is economical and 3) Thailand is a convenient location to visit. Nevertheless, financial difficulty, insufficient information and health issues are concerns that complicate and delay the decision-making process of transgendered persons seeking reassignment surgery. The surgeons are the most important influencer for transgenders’ decision making in this case. Therefore, testimony, accreditation and educational background, surgical techniques in addition to reasonable cost should be highlighted in the marketing communication between transgenders and gender reassignment surgical service providers. These features should be brought to light among key stakeholders and strategically communicated by relevant Thai authorities.

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