Problems and Obstacles in Department of Business Development e-Filing of Accounting Firms in the Northeast of Thailand


อ.ดร.ธันยานี โพธิสาร, น.ส.พรหมพร อาษาวงศ์, นายอรรถพงศ์ พีระเชื้อ




This research aimed to study the problems and obstacles in Department of Business Development e-Filing of accounting firms in the northeast of Thailand.A questionnaire was used as an instrument for data collection from 114 accounting firms. Statistics used for data analysis was descriptive statistics. The data was analyzed by using frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation.The study demonstrated that the lack of the resource readiness was at a high level, while the aspects of access readiness, technique readiness, personal readiness, and service and delivery readiness were at a moderate level. Concerning the guidelinesfor solving problems and obstacles in DBD e-Filing, it was suggested that readiness on preparing resource should be provided for Department Business Development in order to increase service efficiency the system.

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