Proactive Complaint Management: Effects of Upsetting Voice on Justice Perception


ผศ.ดร.ปิยะ งามเจริญมงคล, น.ส.Phimai Nuansi


NIDA International Business Conference 2017


Relatively little research has addressed the role of voice opportunity in service failure incident. This study attempts to investigate how perceived justice of service recovery can be influenced by an organizational procedure which proactively encourages dissatisfied customers to voice complaint to service provider. In conceptualizing a new concept of,“upsetting voice”, the theoretical framework is proposed to demonstrate its significant impact on perceive justice. The framework is empirically tested using scenario-based experiment. The results are expected to report that customer perceived higher procedural justice when they are invited to voice their dissatisfaction to the company. Moreover, resulted from upsetting voice concept, perceived procedural justice is expected to be able to mediate the effects of upsetting voice on distributive and interactional justice.

(2017). Performance Management as an alternative tool for local governance: evidence from Ghanaian local government sector. International Journal of Human Resource Studies, 2017(3), 188-209.