Predictors of Attitude towards Preparation for Quality Aging in Undergraduate Students


นางนนทชา ชัยทวิชธานันท์, ศ.ดร.ดุจเดือน พันธุมนาวิน, ศ.ดร.ดวงเดือน พันธุมนาวิน, รศ.ดร.โกศล มีคุณ


International Journal for Innovation Education and Research


This correlational study aims at investigating important predictors and predictive percentage of psychological and situational factors on attitude towards preparation for quality aging. Samples were 489 undergraduate students. Results from Multiple Regression Analysis on attitude towards preparation for quality aging in total sample yielded 43.07%. The important predictors were future orientation and selfcontrol, social support, and need for achievement. The predictive percentage in subgroups range from 34.86% to 47.89%. The interesting findings were found in some subgroups in terms of different predictors from the total sample. The findings from this study could shed light on increasing favorable attitude towards preparation for quality aging in adolescents. Discussion and implications are presented.

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