Perceptions of bank employees towards corporate social responsibility and work attitudes: a comparison between Nepal and Thailand


Ms.Manuja Koirala, ผศ.ดร.พีรยุทธ เจริญสุขมงคล


The Sankalpa: International Journal of Management Decisions


This research explored the roles of corporate socialresponsibility (CSR) on organisational identification andcommitment of employees in the banking industry. Thisresearch also extended prior research by performing theanalysis using the samples of employees in Nepal andThailand, to examine whether the relationship betweenCSR perception and the two work attitudes differbetween these two countries. Survey data were collectedfrom employees of the leading commercial banks inNepal (n=423) and in Thailand (n=389). Results frompartial least squares regression showed that employeeswho perceived that their organization actively engagedin CSR activities tended to demonstrate a higher level oforganizational identification and commitment. Theanalysis of the moderating effect further revealed thatalthough the positive relationship between CSRperception and these work attitudes were supported inboth Nepali and Thai employees, this positiverelationship tended to be weaker for Nepali employeesthan in Thai employees.

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