patent knowledge discovery using data analytics


ผศ.ดร.สุเทพ ทองงาม, น.ส.ประนมกรณ์ อัมพรพันธ์


ICIT 2017


Patents are a form of intellectual property that is close to most everyone. Generally, goods or appliance in everyday life are the inventions that provide the solutions to improve a specific technological problem or production process. The invention concepts that come from patent documents help to sustain comfortable and safety in human life. Also, patents are the representatives of technology detection for trends analysis and R&D strategic planning in organization. The main objective of this study is to apply data analytics to identify the relations among variables in patent documents using k-means clustering, association rules mining, and text mining approaches. The findings from clustering identified the prominent technological profiles. Association rules mining identified pattern associated within each technological profile. And text mining identified informative words related to invention concepts.

(2018). -. Event Management, 22(3), 453-467.