Organizational values and Human Resource Management Factors leading to organization engagegment and sustainability in local Thai NGO: Case study of Pid Thong Lang Phra Foundation


รศ.ดร.อรนุช พฤฒิพิบูลธรรม, น.ส.พิณทิพย์ โชคชัยพัฒนา, น.ส.สิริพร แย้มนิล


International Conference Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy TAKE 2019-Vienna, Austria, 3 to 5 July 2019


stract: This study aims to explore the organizational values and human
management practices that affected employee engagement in a specific organizational
ntext; a Thai CSR-based non-govermental organization(NGO) named Pid Thon
Phra Foundation. This exploratory research used a conceptual framework comprised of
three variables: 1) organizational values modified from the classic Rokeach (1973)’s
theory of values; 2) human resource functions (i.e. recruitment & selection, evaluation
& performance management, taiing &development, and compensation & benefit)
and; 3) Hewitt Association (2004)’s organizational engagement. The qualitative research
method was adopted in this study. The in-depth interviews were conducted with 9
respondents who worked at Pid Thong Lang Phra Foundation in three different
geographical Iocations; Nan Province, Udonthani Province, and Bangkok. The results
revealed that organizational values led to strong organizational culture and sustainable
development as the values affect the way people perceive and perform their jobs. In
addition, person-organization fit variables displayed in the HRM processes have retained
employees in this Thai local NGO.