Operationalizing Design Thinking in Business Intelligence and Analytics Projects


รศ.ดร.จงสวัสดิ์ จงวัฒน์ผล


Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education


Design Thinking has been applied successfully in many fields; however, in Information Systems research most early studies focus on applying the specific toolsets to developing product and system designs to solve strategic, managerial, and operational problems. There is little research on how Design Thinking can be embedded in the learning processes in design-oriented IS research and enabled in the context of business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA). How can Design Thinking be embedded in the learning processes and enabled in the context of BI/BA projects in the classroom environment, especially in the proof of concept stage? A practical view on integrating the mindset and toolset of the Design Thinking approach and in the learning process as a case based in-class experience is presented along with a guideline for coaching the Design Thinking team and the lessons learned from each stage of Design Thinking. The results of this study show that Design Thinking practices can be enlisted to help students frame their creations and that these practices have a valuable contribution as alternatives when designing curricula for teaching and learning.