Migrant Worker Population in Ranong


รศ.ดร.อัชกรณ์ วงศ์ปรีดี


NIDA Case Research Journal


By mid-2012, the illegal migrant worker issue in Thailand had become a matter of grave and urgent concern to several segments of the Thai polity and society. Sharing borders with several cheap-labor countries where economic opportunities were limited and political oppression prevalent, Thailand had become a safe haven for thousands of poor nationals of adjacent countries desperate to escape social, economic, and political hardships in their own countries for the opportunity of a better life. In the process, they had largely displaced Thai workers from the Northeast of the country who, in earlier decades, had similarly migrated to the factories and industrial estates in Bangkok and Southern Thailand in search of improved economic prospects and relief from the relative impoverishment of their native region. As a result, many Northeasterners had in recent decades re-directed their quest for high-paying jobs to overseas destinations such as Taiwan and the Middle East, leaving many of the lower-paying jobs to migrant workers from Thailand’s poorer neighbors.

(2556). Migrant Worker Population in Ranong. NIDA Case Research Journal , 5(2), 57-83.