Microfoundations of Organizational Routines and Capabilities on Demand of Designing Network Position through High Potential Acumen Leader on Absorptive Capacity


ศ.ดร.ผลิน ภู่จรูญ


Asian Social Science


Extending to explore how organizational antecedents affect absorptive capacity, this research proposed a theoretical model linking microfoundations of organizational routines and capabilities with network effects through high potential acumen leader (H-PAL). Drawing on a network effects of network position perspective with design thinking to enhance absorptive capacity, I argue that organizational design become a determinant factors on firm to produce more innovation on yielding better performance if leader has significance potential to grow in both the greater scale and scope of promising management skills. Building upon the dynamic capabilities view of the firm, the paper proposed an advance model with design thinking approach convincing that the value of conceptualizing and operationalizing network effects of network position via high potential acumen leader have open up new research interest that cut across traditional “micro versus macro” boundaries.

(2017). Price Effect of Changing in the Stock Exchange of Thailand 100 Index’s Constituents. Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, 2017(54), 2165-2178.