Measuring particle size distribution of ground coffee using computer vision


นายcoauthor coauthor, ผศ.ดร.ฐิติรัตน์ ศิริบวรรัตนกุล


International Journal of Information Technology


The stability of coffee particle size can affect the taste of coffee, so measuring the distribution of coffee particles is an essential process if we want to know the stability of our coffee particles. Measuring coffee particle size distribution at home may be hard work by using a sifter. Also, detecting and measuring particle size using only a regular mobile-phone camera is challenging because coffee particles are very small with sizes of around 200–1600 m. To solve these problems using household items, this work proposes a new system that uses a 12-megapixel mobile-phone camera with a flash to take a photo of coffee grounds on plain A4 paper. Then, the distribution of coffee particle size is measured using traditional computer vision techniques such as Canny edge, connected components, morphology, and multiple thresholding. Our experimental results show good results as the error of each particle is around 100–150 m from the mean absolute error (MAE), meaning that the error is about 1 scale of our ground-truth Kruve brewler.

(2566). Measuring particle size distribution of ground coffee using computer vision. International Journal of Information Technology, 2023(na), na-na.