Marketing Competencies for Festival Coordinator in 21th Century


รศ.ดร.กนกกานต์ แก้วนุช, น.ส.ปุณณฑรีย์ สันติสุภาพร




This articles is presenting the basic idea of event/festival includes definition and typologies. Moreover, presenting the marketing competencies skill for festival coordinators to enhance competitive performance is also presented. Festival plays an important role in society for a period of times. The anthropologists believe that human who lived in society required rituals or activities in order to demonstrate or express victory, sadness or celebration. In the past, most of these rituals or activities are often associated with religious beliefs or created to benefit the cultural symbolic expression. Until a few decades ago festival has been used as a tool for economic benefit. The activity and pattern of festival was modified to accommodate the visitors from outside the community. Which leads to the concept of festival management, festival design, festival planning. These guidelines have been handled more concrete. The competition situation is intense in both number of visitors and the amount of income revenue. The festival coordinators/ organizers requires knowledge, skills, and abilities in many tasks also known as “Competency” to achieve their goals for success which included four competencies ; Technical Expertise, Task Management, Information Management and People Management.

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