Knowledge Management Systems Functionalities Enhancement in Practice


รศ.ดร.นิธินันท์ ธรรมากรนนท์, น.ส.Thanyatida Gunadham


ICFET 2019 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Frontiers of Educational Technologies


Nowadays, the organization need to keep up with disruptive technologies in order to have competitive advantage in the market. These innovative technologies can be utilized for the development of any information systems including Knowledge Management Systems (KMSs). KM users still experience many problems from existing use of KMSs. Therefore, functionalities of KMSs should be enhanced to better facilitate all KM processes. This research aims to propose KMSs functionalities enhancement which includes existing functions enhancement and new functions development. The proposed functionalities enhancement has been verified by KM experts from selected organization in Thailand. The proposed functionalities enhancement has various benefits such as supporting employee learning, enabling work efficiency and effectiveness, discovering new insights, and improving organizational processes.

(2019). On the Causal Nexus between Terrorism and Tourism: Empirical Evidence from the South Thailand Insurgency. Development Economic Review, 2019(13), 28-41.