Issues towards Learning English with Multimedia Computer-Assisted English Writing


ผศ.ดร.กษมา สุวรรณรักษ์, น.ส.สิรินทร์ สว่างวรรณ


International Journal of The Computer, The Internet and Management


This study aims to answer the
research question: What are the issues of
EFL students towards the use of Multimedia
Computer-assisted English Writing (MCEW)?
MCEW course activities; a questionnaire;
and individual semi-structured interviews
were utilised. The findings revealed that
there were 3 issues towards learning with
MCEW: 1) preference, 2) benefits, and 3)
constraints of MCEW functions. 99.5% of
students preferred using MCEW because it
is enhances more communication and
collaborative writing. Using MCEW was
not preferred because it is burdensome, and
online system failures caused a lot of
anxiety. 90% of the students thought
MCEW was helpful in improving their
English writing skills, whereas the other
10% thought it was not. Issues on constraints
functions of MCEW reveals that there
should be a course and technological
resolutions. Implementing MCEW into the
English curriculum, a Facebook group,
support from authorities, a teaching forum,
and teacher training are recommended.

Private returns to education: A study on Bhutan. Baiyok Hotel, 175th The IIER International Conference (47-51).