IS/ IT Skills and Competencies: Confirmatory Study


รศ.ดร.นิธินันท์ ธรรมากรนนท์, น.ส.สุรีย์รัตน์ ปะจิ๊


Test Engineering & Management


IS/ IT positions have different knowledge, skills, and competencies. There are three categories of skills, knowledge, and competencies required which are technical skills, business skills, and soft skills. This research studied the required skills, knowledge, and competencies for each IS/IT position. Companies in SET are selected and employees in these companies were asked to fill the questionnaire. The expected and current levels of each skill were bought to analyze for the required skills of each position. Paired T-tests were used to find the skills needed to improve for each position. Skills required by IS positions and IT positions are different.

(2020). IS/IT Skills and Competencies: Confirmatory Study. Test Engineering & Management, 2020(March-April 2020), 23337-23353.