International Tourist’ Perceived Value in Food Tourism Services: Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand


รศ.ดร.กนกกานต์ แก้วนุช, น.ส.ชีวานันท์ วุฒิพันธ์ , อ.ดร.วัชรีภรณ์ ไชยมงคล




Unique merchandises for tourists are often closely linked with local products. Street food is to provide food and beverage for the daily life of local people that reflects the way of life and local culture, then became a tourist attraction. Bangkok became one of the best city districts for street food in the world. The purpose of this study was to study the key perceived value components in the context of street food in Bangkok, Thailand. The perceived value variables of food and beverage service in general from the previous studies were analyzed by exploratory factor analysis (EFA) with Statistical analysis software program. The data were collected with a five-point rating scale questionnaire from 390 international tourists who ate street food in three famous areas of street food in Bangkok (include: Khao-san Road, Yaowarat and Chatuchak Market). The analyzed of EFA found that the 26 perceived value variables of food and beverage service in general can be categorized into four factors: Functional value (FV), Image value (IV), Emotional value (EV) and Trust value (TV) by cutting out of 5 variables because the factor loading is less than 0.5.

(2020). Factors Influencing Social Inequality and Quality of Life in Community-Based Tourism Thailand. Journal of Social Sciences Research, 6(0), 553-559.