Integration of Knowledge and Enhancing Competitiveness: A Case of Acquisition of Zain by Bharti Airtel


ผศ.ดร.วิพุธ อ่องสกุล, Mr.Zafar U. Ahmed Zafar U. Ahmed , Mr.Sanjay Dhir Sanjay Dhir , Mr.Rishabh Rajan Rishabh Rajan


Journal of Business Research


Merger and acquisition is a popular governance structure that strategically combines the resources of one firm with those of another. This paper examines the diverse factors influencing the acquisition process and the associated benefits of good governance. The study evaluates the post-acquisition performance from the perspective of Zain’s acquisition by Bharti Airtel in South Africa. The acquisition operation is described in terms of how the acquiring firm exploits their capabilities to enhance the overall performance in an emerging market. Efforts have also been made to consult the literature in order to identify the key factors affecting post-acquisition performance. This study is useful for providing academic researchers, managers, and practitioners with a body of knowledge in the telecom field and in the planning of cross-border acquisition operations. The strategic acquisition strengths and opportunities in the field of mobile network development and in the telecom industry, in general, are also covered. Based on the case study of Zain’s acquisition, a research model for assessing post-acquisition performance was developed. We highlight four dynamic aspects that enhance a firm’s post-acquisition performance: organizational learning, knowledge integration, technological capability, and technology relatedness.

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