Integrated Marketing Communication: Exposure and Discovery of Gender Reassignment Surgery Service Information in Thailand


อ.ดร.วิเชียร ลัทธิพงศ์พันธ์, น.ส.ปุณฑริกา รวิกุล




This study aims to explore how transgender persons are exposed to and discover information concerning gender reassignment surgery services in Thailand. Data was collected and analyzed from 530 close-ended questionnaire questions. The results found that both transwomen and transmen have been exposed to the information via various types of marketing communication strategies: 1) interpersonal communication, 2) public relations, 3) advertising, 4) sales promotion and special events, and 5) direct marketing communication, respectively. In addition to interpersonal communication in transgender networks, online marketing communication is also popular. Moreover, if study participants’ media exposure, satisfaction and interaction are high, their decision to have the surgery will be high. It is a similar correlation for the reverse hypothesis. However, if they have interacted excessively with surgical content via communication media, specifically on the internet, they may reject surgery due to information overload.

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