Importance and performance analysis on tourism components in the south of Thailand


รศ.ดร.กนกกานต์ แก้วนุช, นายอรรฆพร ก๊กค้างพลู


Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences


This research aimed to assess the perceived importance level and performance efficiency level of tourism components in a tourist destination in the southern part of Thailand. To propose management guidelines for a tourist destination in the southern part of Thailand, the assessment of tourists’ perceptions covered seven factors, namely, accommodation, attraction, activity, accessibility, amenity, safety and security and service. Data were collected from 400 tourists in the southern part of Thailand. Results were analyzed using the technique of Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) revealing that data could be classified in four quadrants, i.e., (1) Quadrant A (Concentrate Here) amenities and safety and security (2) Quadrant B (Keep up the Good Work) accessibilities and service; (3) Quadrant C (Low Priority) accommodation and attraction and (4) Quadrant D (Possible Overkill) activities. Hence, amenity and safety and security were found to be the key important factors for managing a tourist destination in the southern part of Thailand.

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