How do independent directors view powerful executive risk-taking incentives? A quasi-natural experiment


ผศ.ดร.วิพุธ อ่องสกุล, อ.ดร.ภรศิษฐ์ จิราภรณ์


Finance Research Letters


We explore how independent directors view managerial risk-taking incentives using a natural experiment. We exploit the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as an exogenous shock that raised board independence. Our difference-in-difference estimates show that independent directors view powerful risk-taking incentives unfavorably. Our results are consistent with the notion that strong managerial risk-taking incentives lead to excessive risk-taking and, as a result, are reduced in the presence of more effective governance, i.e. stronger board independence. Further analysis confirms the results, including fixed- and random-effects analysis, propensity score matching, and using Oster’s (2017) method to test coefficient stability.

(2020). Promoting Gender Reassignment Surgical Service in Thailand among International Transgenders. IAFOR Journal of Media, Communication & Flim, 7(1), 59-67.