Hotel Website Quality Factors Influencing High-Quality Tourists’ Online Purchasing Intentions: A Luxury, Boutique Hotel in Bangkok


นายปราชญ์ ปุณณศุภารมย์, ศ.ดร.เทิดชาย ช่วยบำรุง


International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change.


Websites have become a medium for hotel enterprises to sell their services online. High-quality tourists are significant to hotel sellers. They are passionately into online purchasing, making this segment a dominant, topical online market. Therefore, it is crucial to identify quality factors in hotel websites; the influencers of high-quality tourist’s online purchasing intention for luxury boutique hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. This research utilises a quantitative approach. Online questionnaires were distributed to 455 high-value tourists, people who have stayed in 13 luxury boutique hotels in Bangkok. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) related a set of observed variables to the construct. This research discovered that information content, website interactivity, website responsiveness, and website design were organised into functionality group, then ease of use, website viable substitute. Online processes were organised into usability groups. Those two groups were significantly influencing online purchasing intention. However, innovation of website, website visual appeal, and hotel image were not significant in predicting the variance in online purchasing intention. This study concluded that hotel website quality was significant in predicting online purchasing behaviour. Websites are a direct marketing tool for improving success, and hotel customers’ needs should be fully considered in the digital age.

(2562). สมรรถนะด้านการตลาดของผู้จัดงานเทศกาลประเพณีในศตวรรษที่ 21. วารสารวิทยาลัยดุสิตธานี , 13(3), 476-490.