Governance, Globalization, and Sustainable Development: A Conceptual Framework


นายZechariah Langnel, รศ.ดร.ไพโรจน์ ภัทรนรากุล


Journal of Sustainable Development


This paper proposes some assumptions on the intricate relationship between governance, globalization, and sustainable development. A literature-based analysis was used. We assume that because environmental problems are complex, multi-faced, and transboundary, the relationship between governance and sustainable development may not always be linear. With respect to political institutions, we propose that a democracy is most likely (than autocracy) to promote sustainable development. The paper further signals that though globalization is likely to exert a negative impact on sustainable development, the relationship may be moderated by the level of economic development as well as the institutional quality. These assumptions will help researchers and practitioners in sustainability studies and other allied fields.

(2021). Governance, Globalization, and Sustainable Development: A Conceptual Framework. Journal of Sustainable Development, 14(1), 9-25.