Geo Based Mixed Reality Gaming Market Analysis

Geo-Based Mixed Reality Gaming Market Analysis


โดย รศ.ดร.ชุติสันต์ เกิดวิบูลย์เวช อาจารย์ประจำคณะนิเทศศาสตร์และนวัตกรรมการจัดการ


วารสาร Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies


          Mixed reality has constantly been a symbol of the future for many years because it integrates many related areas of art and science to produce superior interactive experiences. Recently, it has become tremendously popular with location-based features that allow a new immersive interaction between people.In this paper, we present a novel research of pioneering geo-based mixed reality games, including our own research, to explore the evolution of mixed reality games using location-based features.

          Five major geo-based mixed reality games are selected for analysis based on the periods built: Human Pacman, AR Car Game, Ingress, Pokémon Go, and AR Mario Kart Live. The geo-based mixed reality gaming market analysis is explored extensively using the semiqualitative method to discover the relationships between the independent variable (year built) and the dependent variables (number of academic paper downloads, Google Trends, revenues, and number of downloads). We then compare each game based on the year built, the devices used in the game, the game purposes, the number of academic paper downloads, the revenues, the number of downloads, and the types of virtual items in the game, to deeply understand the evolution of geobased mixed reality games. Finally, recommendations for future directions are included.