Full-time mothering: an ongoing process of informal learning


ผศ.ดร.ภาวิณี เพชรสว่าง, นางMinghui Chen


the 10th ICADA 2021


In this fast-changing world, knowledge is increasing in lightning speed, formal learning
alone can no longer fully support people reaching their life goals at different stages. To fill
the voids, informal learning may benefit people through its versatile forms. Full-time
mothers, which accounts for approximately 43% of women with children, are greatly benefited by informal learning in coping with disruptive changes, advancing mothering skills
and capacity to get back to workforce. In this qualitative study, we explored informal
learning behaviors of seven full-time mothers based on an international kindergarten in
Thailand through in-depth interviews and observation. Analysis of gathered data presents
informal learning patterns of three dimensions: full-time mothers’ identity acceptance, fulltime mothers as children-centered self-directed learners, and full-time mothers as collective learners. The findings suggest a guideline for full-time mothers to develop informal
learning to advance their skills and capacities to return to workforce.

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