Finding the Gaps in Event Management Research: A Descriptive Meta-Analysis


ผศ.ดร.กนกกานต์ แก้วนุช, ดร.Young Hoon Kim


Event Management


Event and festival management is a growing topic of interest in the field of academic research on tourism and for many destinations because of the significant benefits event tourism can bring to a host destination. This study had three objectives. First, we attempt to identify primary research subjects of past studies. Second, we look at suggested implications of past studies. Lastly, we attempt to identify the “gaps” in previous festival management research and suggest topics for future event management studies. Three-hundred and two articles were identified in four leading event and festival management journals: The International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Event Management, International Journal of Event Management Research, and the Journal of Convention and Event Tourism. Analysis of the identified articles notes prominent contributors to event and festival management literature, most prevalent topics of study, primary focus as seen from one of four balanced scorecard (BSC) perspectives, most dominant regions of research, and most prominent methodologies employed for event and festival management research.

The Awareness on Green ICT among Thai Employees: A Factor Analysis. London, 2018 International Conference on Information Management and Processing (ICIMP2018) (107-110).