Factors Influencing Travelling Behavior and Choice Among ASEAN Population


ผศ.ดร.อภิรดา ชิณประทีป


Journal of ASEAN PLUS+ Studies


The purpose of this research is to investigate factors influencing travelling behavior and choices among ASEAN population which comprises Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, and Philippine. This study has developed some theoretical part involving panel data analysis methodology. The factors being studies are the exchange rate, tourist’s expenditure, investment on transportation, and number of hotel accommodations. The results of this research showed that all factors under study significantly and clearly affect the number of ASEAN travelers. These are, similarly, the same direction of influences of those other factors comprising of traveler spending, investment on public transportation and hotel availability. In fact, it would be illustrated that exchange rate, traveler expenses, government spending on public transportation as well as availability of hotels have also influenced on the advancement of tourism business in order to provide enough accessibility because of the expanded economic engagement towards ASEAN Economic Community, of which all government policies sharing the same objectives to prioritize and encourage it to be a future prosperity of this region. Therefore, the results of this research are like a recommendation that can be useful for the more clearly formulation of the state policy in order to achieve more effectiveness and efficiency of the development policy of the country in the future.

(2563). Factors Influencing Travelling Behavior and Choice Among ASEAN Population. Journal of ASEAN PLUS+ Studies, 1(1), 21-28.