Factors Influencing ASEAN and International Students of Higher Education Programs in Thailand


รศ.ดร.อาวีวรรณ ปัญญาโกเมศ


Asian Social Science


This study aims to understand the factors affecting graduate study choices of ASEAN and international students in Thailand. Quantitative and qualitative methods were applied in this study. The result showed that majority of international students between 2013-2015 were Chinese while among the ASEAN, students from Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos were the highest. Among 42 factors, the most influential factor was quality of teachers who influence the selection by international students and ASEAN students significantly at the 0.05 level. International students place an emphasis on politics and security, while ASEAN students focus on future career prospects after graduation. The development of Thailand’s competitiveness as an education hub in ASEAN is also possible. Thailand has the knowledge that is needed to enhance developing countries. It is recognized internationally for agriculture, public health, and education.

(2562). -. Humanities and Social Sciences Reviews, 7(-), 209-214.