Factor Affecting Employees Work Passion in the Thai Insurance Industry


รศ.ดร.วาสิตา บุญสาธร, ศ. ดร.Gary N. McLean, น.ส.Boonthipa Jiantreerangkool


Internation Journal of Human Resource Studies


The objectives of this study were to: 1) identify the perceived definition of staff work passion, and 2) explore perceived factors affecting staff work passion, both in the Thai insurance industry. The study was qualitative, using semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions. Participants were 36 key informants from life and non-life insurance companies in Thailand, including executive managers, middle managers, and staff, selected to maximize variation in responses. The definitions of staff work passion in the Thai insurance industry were comprised of five categories: happiness, pride, goal setting, personal efficacy, and job fit. Seven factors affecting work passion were highlighted: 1) the power of teamwork, 2) great support from leader, 3) work value, 4) challenge and variety of work, 5) supportive company policies, 6) gaining knowledge and opportunity to learn, and 7) providing good service to customers. These findings were incorporated into an employee work passion model adapted from Blanchard’s model. The model showed personal characteristics of individual as meanings of work passion; organization and job characteristics; and organizational role behaviours as factors affecting work passion. The model might apply to similar businesses within the financial industry, e.g., insurance brokerage companies, financial institutions, and stock and securities firms.

(2563). -. UTCC International Journal of Business and Economics (UTCC IJBE) , 2020(2), 3-16.