Exploring Variations from Electronic Medical Records (EMRs): A Case Study of Chronic Disease


ผศ.ดร.พราวพรรณ ธารสิทธิ์พงษ์, ศ. ดร.วันประชา เชาวลิตวงศ์ , ดร.อภิรักษ์ หุ่นหล่อ


International Journal of Pharma Medicine and Biological Sciences (IJPMBS)


Health policy reform in major developing countries has changed how patients are treated for chronic diseases due to high cost and government regulations. In order to understand the overall patterns of the treatments, this study explores methods to collect Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and analyzes patterns in prescription plan and treatment cost in health coverage programs from local data source. Focusing on admitted patients with conditions related to diabetes and hypertension, the results suggested high variations of treatment in patients with hypertension, but very limited variations among diabetes patients. The results also summarized prescription lists and treatment cost among health benefit programs.