Ethics: The key element of leadership and organizational performance


ศ.ดร.บุษยา วีรกุล


Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation & the International Research Conference on Management, Leadership, and Social Sciences 2018


This study is a conceptual research paper. Its aim is to investigate the importance of ethics in organizational leadership and performance. The framework for the research consists of four research questions:(a) What does ethical leadership mean?(b) What are the components of ethical leadership?(c) What are the importance and outcomes of ethical leadership? and (d) How is ethics in leadership relevant to organizational performance? All research questions were answered according to an analysis and synthesis of data obtained from a review of relevant literature. The findings show that ethics is actually the key component of leadership in organizations. The main components of ethical leadership are wisdom/prudence, temperance, courage, justice, humility, honesty, integrity, and compassion. A model was created in this research to show where ethics stands in organizational leadership and performance.

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