ESL Basic Learners: Personal Histories of Writing


ผศ.ดร.เกศกานดา จตุรงคโชค, นายสุพัฒน์ กู้เกียรติกูล, นางศุภมิตร จันทร์เสี้ยวรัศมี


Conference Proceedings International Business Economic Tourism Sciences Technology Humanities Social Sciences and Education Research Conference


As widely known, the Thai language is quite different from the English one in several aspects.
As a result, it is interesting to know how Thai students learn to write English. There have been numerous studies exploring the means Thai students use in their English learning. Nonetheless, there are a few on Thai-ESL writers, especially those in the AEC era, when English writing became a must for most students. What are their histories of writing? Specifically, how do the Thai-ESL learners develop their English writing ability? Until now, it has always been controversial to what extent a novice learner’s writing piece should be corrected and graded. Applying a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, this research paper will address and cover these issues. The data was directly derived from a questionnaire and 126 essays composed by MBA students at a graduate school in Bangkok. Based on the questionnaire, the findings have shown an overwhelming percentage of students who realized the importance of the instructor’s comment on their writing pieces. The “expectation for the instructor’s revision” ratings ranged from “Very Satisfied” at 78.6%, followed by “Satisfactory” at 19.8%, and “Moderate” at 1.6%. All participants (100%) admitted the lingua franca status of English, and only 45.6% complained that the time was too short for a writing course which had to cover grammatical points, vocabulary words, writing mechanics, and essay organization. Based on the essays, even though most of the respondents (96%) mentioned their English studies in school and college, their English writing seriously started during their undergraduate education. Some further use English in their jobs; while the others do not use it any longer. That’s why it is deemed difficult for many Thai students to write in English effectively in the intensive course under investigation.

ESL Basic Learners: Personal Histories of Writing. Berlin, Intentional Academic Multidisciplinary Research Conference 2017, Berlin (161-169).