Environmental Governance and Design Principles in Decentralized Common Pool Resource Management: The Preliminary Study on Thailand’s Local Government Initiatives


อ.ดร.ภาวิณี ช่วยประคอง


Proceedings of The 5th Regional Conference on Graduate Research RCGR 2020


After the promulgation of the Decentralization Act 1998, the local governments in Thailand take significantly more part in common pool resource (CPR) management in local areas. With the innovative-hybrid environmental governance and the design principles, some of localities can sustainably and effectively manage their CPR. As exploratory research, this study illustrates how these environmental governances and the design principles lead the small local governments in Thailand to have sustainable CPR management. Based on the results, the study suggests how other local governments should consider and apply these experiences from the case studies. However, in order to increase generalizability and methodological rigor, the future research should include more cases and apply classical content analysis, respectively.

(2563). Public Participation Practice within The Environmental and Health Impact Assessment System in Thailand. International Journal of GMOMATE, 2563(19), 137-144.